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Pet Supplement Food Pet Goat Milk Powder Pet Nutritional Supplement For Dog And Cat

Pet Supplement Food Pet Goat Milk Powder Pet Nutritional Supplement For Dog And Cat

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Product name
Pet Goat Milk Powder
This product is developed for the special constitution of dog and cat and it is specific to the special circumstances of lactose
intolerance, it contains a unique hypoallergenic formula, may improve illness or malnutrition caused by other allergens. No
diarrhea formula, can strengthen physical fitness, increase endurance, be well addicted to mouth and easy to absorb. Applies to
dog and cat puppies, pregnant dog and cat, old dog and cat for nutritional supplements, also post-natal maternal dog and cat or
with complex diseases.
1, Do not eat with other de-worming tablets at the same time, in case of gastrointestinal damage by interacting with protein.
2, Due to low immunity and poor digestion of pet intestines under the age of 6 months, do not feed too much. Meanwhile, because of
different varieties and different physique, during the feeding process, there will be different degrees of allergic reactions to
any milk source except breast milk. Some pets will have slight diarrhea or vomiting, which is a normal phenomenon. The occurrence
of this kind of situation should stop feeding, can take intestinal stomach products conditioning. Until recover, a small amount of
feeding is available.
3, If the pets have begun to feed food, do not stop feeding the food to feed this product alone, it should be fed with food.
Usage and dosage
5g of milk powder mix with 30ml warm water (approximately 50℃) ( Inside with a spoon, about 5 grams per scoop)
Away from light, keep in a cool and dry place.


we are a manufacturer specializing in the production of pet nutrition and health products.  We have professional workshops, advanced equipment and excellent talents.

Main product: Pet Health Products,Pet Nutritional Supplement,Pet Food,Pet Cleaning.


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