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gs 441524 price fip injection treatment

Our copmpany produce gs441524 , gs 441524 , gs-441524 , please contract us if necessary whatsapp +8615131121322 Email

gs-441524 for cat fipv 20mg 30mg injection

water based painless injectionreduce or eliminate all fip in 84 days or less

  •  Concentration: 20mg/ml,30mg/ml

· Volume: 6 ml per vial,8 ml per vial,10 ml per vial

· Quantity: 1 vials

· Purity: ≥ 99.8%

· Shelf Life:  ≥ 2 years when stored at normal room temperature

·Recommended to be taken for 12 weeks


injection Usage 

  • Wet Form (Abdominal Effusion) --- 5 mg/kg

  • Wet Form (Thoracic Effusion) --- 6 mg/kg

  • Dry Form (non-effusive) --- 6 mg/kg

  • Ocular symptoms --- 8 mg/kg

  • Neurologic symptoms --- 10 mg/kg



Our Guarantee is simple.  We will refund you the full value of any unopened/unused vials should our GS prove ineffective in treating FIP in your cat.  Once the vials arrives back at our shipping centre, and we have inspected that the vials are in useable condition, we will complete a refund via your original form of payment within 48 hours.  You are only responsible for the costs of shipping to us.


Our 84-day cure guarantee We will not only provide treatments, but will also be your companion for the whole recovery process! If your cat has not stopped the needle or medication after 84 days of treatment, our team will extend the supplement use period for you to 180 days for free until it recovers.


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